My Vision

The inspiration for why I do what I do…

Problem solving: I’m excited to go to work every day because I love problem solving. I love to take the challenges and ideas that my clients have for their site and push myself to meet their needs in the most successful, innovative, and sustainable methods possible. It gives me great pleasure to utilize a site’s biggest constraint in a way that transforms it into the site’s greatest asset.

I don’t believe in inflicting elements onto a site that are incompatible with their surroundings. It’s important to me that the overall aesthetic and function of a site be as appropriate and seamless as possible with the surrounding environment and borrowed backdrops, be they woods, beachfront, or urban.

Quality of life: I see my work as a landscape architect as an opportunity to improve quality of life for those who come in contact with the landscapes that I’m privileged enough to enhance. Because we all work so hard in our daily lives, I’m honored to provide living, work, public, and commercial environments that offer a sense of relief, calm and respite.

Self-sustaining landscapes: In a world of dwindling resources, my work is an opportunity to replenish those resources one site at a time. In an effort to conserve water, provide a habitat for both wildlife and humans to coexist, and minimize long term maintenance, I feel it is important to utilize indigenous, drought tolerant, and where possible, edible plant species. Gathering rain water on site, capitalizing on existing structures and site features, as well as anticipating how the landscape will change over time, all play an important role in planning for sustainability.

Giving back to the community: I strive to be a steward of the land in my professional and personal life. I take every opportunity to help others benefit from the information I’ve learned throughout my professional life by assisting like-minded community groups in their efforts to improve the environment, our community, and the city.

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