Subsistence Farm, Port Orchard, WA

We recently visited a past project in Port Orchard, WA.  This subsistence farm has been installed in phases over the last few years and we were excited to see how it was taking shape.  Included in this project is a rain garden handling roof runoff, drought tolerant herb and perennial garden, native plantings, an orchard, vegetable beds, hoop houses and out buildings, as well as a covered patio and seat wall to capture the view of it all. We are pleased with all the hard work the owners have undertaken and hope you enjoy the photos.


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My Time so Far – Joseph Long

We have been busy over the last week! Last Wednesday Emily and I met with Rice Fergus Miller Architects in Bremerton to discuss the new Spyglass Apartments project that will be breaking ground sometime in the fall.  This is a large scale project that will present many obstacles in the design process.  The project includes a memorial near the old Hoffman house’s previous location, which will need to be approached with sensitivity to both the environment and the Hoffman family.  In addition to the Spyglass Apartments, we are also working on another residence in Mukilteo, and have just finished up the conceptual phase of the project.  This week looks to be busy with these projects under way, and I look forward to seeing the Spyglass project come to fruition!

My Time so Far – Joseph Long

This past week was a very good learning experience for me.  On Wednesday, I accompanied Emily Russell to a consultation in Mukilteo (requiring a ferry ride across the sound).  The home was on an incredible slope, making it difficult to get the measurements needed for an accurate base map.  This experience introduced me to the process of getting base information for a site before the design process.  Immediately after this we visited and took post installation pictures of a previous Russell Design Source project before returning to the office.  I’m excited to see the design process from the very beginning and look forward to having a hand in the actual design of the home’s landscape!

My Time So Far – Joseph Long

The first two weeks of the internship have flown by!  Over the past two weeks I have been fortunate enough to see many of the inner workings of a Landscape Architecture firm.  So far I have been documenting and photographing past projects, and have taken part in post construction site visits as well as pre-design consultations.  All of these experiences have been incredibly valuable and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the summer has in store.  I have also had the opportunity to travel to Seattle on the Bremerton ferry.  Seattle, in my very brief time there, seemed such an environmentally conscious city.  In my visit I spent most of my time on the waterfront.  The many varied green spaces dotting the city’s landscape are unlike those of any city I’ve been to, and help to connect the waterfront with other parts of Seattle.  I look forward to many more trips and discoveries to be made there.

Post Construction Visit (Boys & Girls Club)

The plants at the Boys & Girls Club have not yet had time to grow to their full size, having been planted last fall, however they are doing well.  It normally takes about 3 years for planted beds to become established, at which point the plantings will fill out and take on a massed appearance. This provides a sweeping layered aesthetic, softening the front of the building.  The rain garden is in good shape and functioning well as a catchment basin for stormwater runoff from the surrounding landscape and impermeable surfaces.  The plantings will provide a good site-line when they grow to maturity without blocking the building.  The plants also fit within the context of the surrounding landscape and the style of the building itself.  This is a really functional and enjoyable design overall!

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